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Goodbye to Wunderlist

October 4, 2019

In lieu of writing an actually interesting post I am going to share the words of feedback I gave to the team at Wunderlist after their automated system kindly asked me to. I usually don’t respond to these kinds of requests, but as the following words make somewhat clear I was a true fan of Wunderlist and it made me really damn sad to hear that they are finally being phased out in favor of Microsoft’s To Do, and because of that I felt an urge to let them know that.


I just wanted to give a quick bit of feedback about why I decided after many years to delete my account. It has nothing to do with the features you guys have implemented nor have there been any technical changes, but as you were acquired by Microsoft I became wary of becoming too attached with this ‘wunderful’ product; for when the time comes when you are inevitably shuttered then I am left without a home (for my tasks). I tried their replacement that should in theory keep feature parity and thus minimize disruption, but after a cursory check I found that even the Android widget wasn’t copied to the level one would assume: there are no dates or times for any of the tasks listed in the overview widget…

This small inconsistency was taken as a sign of something larger and despite a smooth export-import process between the two I couldn’t go on using either one knowing that my first choice won’t be there for long and that the somewhat forced upon second choice is subpar. After reading Doist’s Why We Don’t Have An Exit Strategy post I decided to start using Todoist instead as it seems more bulletproof, for the lack of a better word, and will provide me and my tasks a safe harbor for many more years to come.

I really hope that this message doesn’t fall by the wayside and someone actually reads this because I want you guys to know that the product you had created has been immensely valuable to me and I would definitely not have my ducks in a row if it weren’t for you. From the bottom of my heart: a giant round of applause to everyone at Wunderlist!

All the best,


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