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January 1, 0001


I am a 29-year-old guy who hails from Estonia and currently works in RangeForce as a DevSecOps engineer for the Infrastructure team. My day-to-day revolves around developing and maintaining an Azure-based infrastructure and writing internal tooling to better interact with Azure, and I couldn’t be more happy with the combination! Below is a short overview of my past experiences.




DevSecOps engineer from December 2019–today


Service engineer from April 2016–December 2019

Reason for leaving: to work closer to the end user where my day-to-day work would have a more immediate impact

AS Eesti Telekom

Datacenter hardware management duty technician from April 2014–January 2015

Reason for leaving: to spend the last semester of college studying abroad in the Technological Educational Institute of Crete


Certified LPIC-1 Linux Server Professional

Topics learned cover all the basic skills that are common to major Linux distributions, such as software installation and package management, scripting, data management, administrative tasks, networking fundamentals and security. More information can be found here and by viewing the individual 101 and 102 exam objectives.

The Estonian Information Technology College

BSc, majored in IT systems administration from 2011–2015

Thesis subject: Creating Intelligent Storage Systems Study Materials to Renew Course Learning Resources [by the Example of the Estonian Information Technology College]

Tallinn’s 32nd High School

GSE, emphasis on multimedia and mathematics from 2001-2011

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